Humane Society Colorado Springs

An animal humane society is an organization that has the goal to stop any kind of cruelty or suffering to animals. In some countries it also provides rescue services and medical attention in case of injuries. The broad areas of operation involve providing shelter, facilitating adoption, treating medical conditions and if need be euthanasia of animals.

Humane Society Colorado Springs

Humane societies as we know them now are mainly shelter homes for animals, mostly those that are kept as pets like the Humane Society Colorado Springs.

colorado springs humane society

The idea to have humane societies emerged from growing awareness of cruel animal practices such as sacrifice rituals, bull fighting, livestock branding, soring, cock fighting circus tricks, movie stunts and warfare. There was a growing need to stop all kinds of violence and cruelty inflicted on animals and to do away with practices that led to inhumane treatment of animals.
human society colorado springs

Another kind of cruelty stems from neglect of the animal that has been domesticated and kept as a pet. This is quite widespread where people keep pets but are not able to take care of them. Examples of this kind of neglect involve not doing the basics for pets such as providing food, water, treating disease and infection, inhumane living conditions and neglect.
humane society of colorado springs

Humane Society Colorado Springs is going about things the right way. They house a lot of animals that are injured or abused or have been abandoned and lost. Many animals have lived a life of neglect, or have had injuries inflicted on them and are now being given proper care and medical attention. They also help in getting the animals adopted in homes that provide them love and compassion.

Recently legislation introduced by US Lawmakers have brought in much needed new standards of care for animals like dogs, rabbits, kittens, ferrets, and squirrels. This protects animals that are born in inhumane conditions and are sold on the Internet, phone or other mediums.

According to the mission statement of the Humane Society Colorado Springs, they want to help build a compassionate society where animals are cared for and valued. They do this by increasing awareness amongst the community in identifying animal abuse and making them aware of ways to report trouble and prevent inhumane treatment of pets.

Humane societies play an important role in educating communities about the welfare of animals and their proper treatment. They go beyond just providing basic shelter and day-to-day care like Humane Society Colorado Springs does.

This kind of commitment requires an ongoing effort and significant resources. Most humane societies feel that it is a good practice to start early with children and inculcate in them a caring attitude towards pets. It makes them recognize the interdependence between different living species. They take the support of schools and educators to encourage this compassionate behavior towards animals.

By educating tomorrow’s generation, the Humane Society Colorado Springs region is helping build a more compassionate community where animals are valued and owners are committed to their pets. Hopefully, in the near future, this will reduce the number of animals facing situations of neglect and cruelty.

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